Risposta solidale del Comitato Cinese di RfP

In risposta alla nostra lettera di solidarietà e gratitudine gli amici del Comitato Cinese di Religions for Peace ci hanno risposto:

Dear  all colleagues of  RfP Italy,  Greeting of peace from Beijing. 
Entrusted by President Pagbalha  Geleg Namgyai,and on behalf of all CCRP members from China’s five major religions, I would like to express heartfelt greetings and solidarity to all Italian people affected by COVID-19. 
In the past two months, China’s religious believers are engaged in a vigorous efforts to fight against the sudden outbreak of the disease through providing donations or voluntary service, showing mercy and love of religions. Now, the spread of the novel corona virus has been basically curbed and the situation in China is turning better. However, the task to fight the virus still heavy for Chinese people.

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Epidemia COVID-19: un grande Male può insegnare il Bene

Standing Together in Spirit and with Actions:Religions for Peace Statement about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Religions for Peace has been closely following the development of Coronavirus (COVID-19), which the World Health Organization (WHO) has described as a “controllable pandemic.” Containment of the virus is of the upmost priority, and we urge everyone to follow WHO guidelines for protecting themselves and others.
In the past weeks, the human family has been confronted by a great challenge, which, like so many of our current global challenges, has no regard for regional and national borders, and does not discriminate based on religion, ethnicity, race, gender or politics. In this time of great caution and need, we also rely on the teachings within all religious and spiritual traditions that call on us to unite in solidarity with those who suffer, and to stand against all forms of hatred and discrimination arising from fear, intolerance and lack of understanding. 
As a global movement of religions working together for peace, many stand courageously at the frontlines of this challenge, selflessly offering care and support to the most vulnerable among us. The family of Religions for Peace, are with all in spirit, grateful for, and humbled by, the service to the human family. 
With steadfast commitment and partnership across divides, we can and will overcome this together. For actions taken by faith communities, please refer to our website.
If your RfP affiliated religious community or interreligious council is taking steps to combat the spread of COVID-19 and would like to share with the movement, please inform us by emailing Mary Grace Donohoe, Communications Officer, at mgdonohoe@rfp.org