RfP lancia un Fondo Umanitario Multireligioso in risposta a COVID-19

The Fund will provide seed money for interreligious projects focusing on serving humanitarian needs 

(13 April 2020 | Global) Religions for Peace (RfP)announces the launch of the “Multi-religious Humanitarian Fund” to support multi-religious collaborative efforts around COVID-19 and to stimulate creative interventions that promote resilience within and among diverse communities. RfP International, through this Fund, will provide a small seed grant to those Interreligious Councils (IRC) and multi-religious networks who are able to propose programs aimed at enhancing awareness about precautionary measures, supporting vulnerable households, combatting discrimination in speech as well as actions, and serving the needs of the most vulnerable individuals and communities. The interreligious platforms who will be awarded this will have a track record of collaboration, and/or humanitarian relief provision.

“The world is facing an unprecedented crisis brought about by COVID-19, and religious actors are first responders in humanitarian crises. Religions for Peace is determined to support the multi-religious humanitarian efforts in these crisis times because we know that multi-religious collaboration in times of crisis, guarantees social cohesion at all times.”

Prof. Dr. Azza Karam, Secretary General of RfP 

For 50 years, RfP has responded to global challenges by coordinating and supporting multi-religious efforts in building “positive peace,” this includes supporting peace-making efforts, environmental support, as well health, education, women and youth leadership. Now, to overcome this global pandemic, RfP is drawing from five decades of experience, trust, and engagement to fully equip and mobilize its regional and national networks providing seed grants for concrete action on COVID-19 prevention and response. 

The seed grants, sponsored by the donors to the Fund, GHR Foundation and Fetzer Institute encourage interreligious platforms and project partners to raise additional resources to scale up their efforts and ensure the sustainability of these projects. RfP welcomes contributions to the Multi-religious Humanitarian Fund by individuals, corporations and governments who seek to support grassroots and creative multi-religious initiatives that are directly addressing the challenges of COVID-19.

If you are an RfP affiliated interreligious council and would like to apply, please contact dsingh@rfp.org for more information.