Risposta solidale del Comitato Cinese di RfP

In risposta alla nostra lettera di solidarietà e gratitudine gli amici del Comitato Cinese di Religions for Peace ci hanno risposto:

Dear  all colleagues of  RfP Italy,  Greeting of peace from Beijing. 
Entrusted by President Pagbalha  Geleg Namgyai,and on behalf of all CCRP members from China’s five major religions, I would like to express heartfelt greetings and solidarity to all Italian people affected by COVID-19. 
In the past two months, China’s religious believers are engaged in a vigorous efforts to fight against the sudden outbreak of the disease through providing donations or voluntary service, showing mercy and love of religions. Now, the spread of the novel corona virus has been basically curbed and the situation in China is turning better. However, the task to fight the virus still heavy for Chinese people.

Public health security is shared well-being for  human being. Faced this pandemic, the world is a community with shared future. We are following closely the situation  in the Italy and as well as other places in the world, and stand firmly with brothers and sisters of religions across the world. Just as an old proverb says, we are waves of the same sea,  leaves of the same tree and flowers of the same garden. CCRP would like to support each other with your chapter and work together to overcome this challenge. 

We believe that we will win this battle against the virus  as long as we stay responsible, prudent, charitable and confident. We  pray for an early overcoming of this pandemic and  also recovery of normal life both in China and your country through our joint efforts. 
Let us pray for the life security and health of people all over the world together. 
Mr.Deng Zongliang
Executive Vice President of CCRP