Stay Close to Syria’s Children


Esteemed Colleague,
The drawing expresses too well the children of Syria: the living weep.
Syrian demonstrations calling for democracy began in 2011. The situation quickly transformed into a brutal war engaging multiple parties and countries. Through it all, the Syrian people have suffered 500,000 killed and half the population displaced.
We cannot allow hideous long-term suffering to become somehow “normal.” Let us keep all Syrians in our prayers and take action as we can.
Religions for Peace worked with Syria’s top religious leaders, women and youth leaders, and also on the level of local mosques and churches. The effective and heartwarming small projects advanced by mosques and churches provided greatly needed services and helped nurture solidarity among Syrians.
You will be pleased to know that Religions for Peace and MedGlobal, a wonderful diverse group of medical doctors, have agreed to partner to re-animate local mosque and church-based projects for the common good of all Syrians. These are small steps, but small steps are important and can lead to often unexpected next steps.
Let us all remain in active solidarity with our Syrian brothers and sisters,
Yours in Peace,
Dr. Vendley signature
Dr. William Vendley
Secretary General