Lettera di solidarietà di RfP International per il terremoto che ha colpito il nostro Centro-Italia

amatrice terremoto

24 August 2016

Dr. Luigi De Salvia
Secretary General
Religions for Peace Italy

Dear Dr. De Salvia:

Your friends around the world in our Religions for Peace family are with you in solidarity and prayer in the wake of today’s devastating earthquake that struck central Italy.

We are keeping in our hearts especially all those who have lost their lives, their beloved family members and those who have lost their homes and properties.

We are receiving news of the heart rendering suffering of many innocent people and also of the great courage and commitment of those working so hard to rescue them. As we follow media reports, we are with you so deeply in spirit.

Your brothers and sisters in faith around the world in Religions for Peace will remain united with you in prayer and solidarity during these challenging days.

With respect and concern for all those who have been impacted by this terrible natural disaster, I remain

Yours in solidarity and partnership,

Yours in partnership,

Dr. William F. Vendley
Secretary General